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Latest News

  • Annual BAL “Women Can Do It”

       Since 2008, at the end of the year, „Political Club of Women 50/50” has a beautiful tradition of gathering women and men representatives of all political parties, famous personalities of public life, mass media, and active members of society engaged in promoting gender equality, to the „Women Can Do It” BAL. This celebration gives us the opportunity to summarize and evaluate the activities carried out throughout the year, to communicate and strengthen solidarity among women, as well as to know better one another.

  • Press Release

    ProGen Alliance – Election 2010 continues its work: five non–governmental organizations active in the field of gender equality and promoting women – Political Club of Women 50/50, Centre Partnership for Development, Gender-Center, Club for Equal Opportunities „In Two”” and Women’s Organizations Forum, have presented the preliminary results of the 2010 Election monitoring from a gender perspective, at a press conference on the 17th of November 2010.

  • Gender Equality Prize

    POLITICAL CLUB OF WOMEN 50/50 informs about the project „Gender Equality Prize” which will be offered to political parties and public personalities.
       By giving this Prize we want to increase the interest of political parties and public figures in Moldova for gender equality and facilitate their path to the Gender Equality Prize of the Council of Europe. “Gender Equality Prize” will be awarded every year starting with 2010, in recognition of achievements and successes of political parties and public figures in the field of gender equality and women’s promotion in decision-making.